3Commas was founded in 2017 to build a reliable platform that can help us stabilize our earnings in crypto while taking away some of the emotion that might result in losses. Once the power of 3Commas was realized, we opened it to the world of crypto and the rest has been history. We have three principles. Provide a simple intuitive interface for traders, develop sophisticated tools to simplify trading, and maintain a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent business.

Our expectations:

  • First of all, proactivity and initiative. Our engineers are always looking for a way to improve something and apply their experience
  • Our stack is based on AWS (1000+ instances), K8s, Gitlab, and Terraform and we expect applicants to have experience in most of these technologies
  • Part of the work is taking care of production so the candidate should be experienced with troubleshooting using ELK, Prometheus, kubectl, ssh and the Holy Spirit
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL and Redis
  • Knowing how to code simple things
  • English level: At least upper-intermediate
  • Charisma and soft skills
    Here is a bunch of technologies, the knowledge of which is already implied by the job description, but we will point them out anyway just in case: Linux administration; experience working with several dev teams at once; at least basic network security knowledge; understanding how the internet works; microservices; Docker; CI/CD implementations.


  • (TL;DR Fight Legacy, automate and optimize, help people) All infrastructure-related tasks
  • Provide recommendations for improving the architecture of applications and services to ensure their fault tolerance, performance, and security
  • Automate development, testing, and deployment processes
  • Incident resolution, debriefing
  • Timely roll-out of security updates
  • Help Devs and QA

      What we offer:

      • Optionally work from the office in Tallinn or remotely
      • Inspiring leadership and knowledgeable, creative, genuinely kind colleagues
      • Flexible schedule
      • Paid annual leave, paid sick leave
      • Competitive salary offers based on your skills
      • In-house lessons for your crypto-trading skills
      • English courses to stay in touch with your colleagues